Foley Hughes

Commercial Law Experts

Buying or selling a business? Securing finance for your company?  Get the right legal advice with the Foley Hughes team of lawyers, in Auckland.

When buying a business, Foley Hughes will help you to ensure that suitable due diligence is undertaken to protect you from unexpected issues when you take control. Your sale and purchase agreement must be carefully drawn up and may need to include warranties and restraints of trade.

For those selling a business, it is important to have the business ownership correctly structured and up to date at the point of sale, both to prevent overtaxing and to comply with all the conditions of sale. Permits and licenses must be current, the business needs to be audited and accusations of misrepresentation must be ruled out. Foley Hughes can work with you to sort out these issues.

The Foley Hughes team of lawyers in Auckland can assist you with business funding and bank loans, dealing with your bank directly, handling the paperwork and ensuring you are protected from risk. If your company could use a loan to grow and drive profits, Foley Hughes can help you to present your business as an attractive prospect to lenders.

Foley Hughes also works with businesses looking to secure finance for property and in other areas of commercial law. Our lawyers in Auckland can oversee your commercial property or business purchase and ensure that all your paperwork is correct and your due diligence is thorough and complete.

If you are going into business with others, we can help you structure your relationship with your business partners by putting in place a company constitution and / or shareholders agreement.

For accurate and cost-effective advice on commercial law, talk to Foley Hughes lawyers in Auckland.