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Specialist Property Lawyers

If you’re selling or buying a property, the property law specialists at Foley Hughes can make your transaction run smoothly and safely. Foley Hughes not only offers a complete conveyancing service, but also helps you protect yourself and your assets. Our experienced property lawyers can help you to correctly structure the ownership of your property, organise bank finance and set up family trusts, limited liability companies or partnerships.

By consulting an expert property lawyer, you can also get help doing a total due diligence on a property, so everything goes to plan when you take ownership.Our property lawyers can help you to be prepared for an auction by reviewing all documentation prior to the auction, including the title, LIM report and auction agreement. When you buy or sell, you need a sale and purchase agreement in which the conditions are carefully worded and do not leave you open to unforeseen problems. Talk to a Foley Hughes property lawyer before you sign any documents and you will protect yourself from making an expensive error.

Foley Hughes offers a full commercial property service, including the negotiation and drafting of agreements for sale and purchase, reviewing leases, completing any diligence work and putting in place property funding arrangements. We also offer specialist advice to property developers in relation to subdivisions, including greenfield and unit title subdivisions.

Because our team of property lawyers offers independent advice, we can be objective about when, why and how to sell your property. Law changes occur frequently, but the property law team at Foley Hughes are always up to date so that we can make sure you and your property are protected.