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Expert Advice on Relationship Property

Whether entering into a relationship or leaving one, relationship property needs to be carefully considered. Foley Hughes has a team of Auckland lawyers who know this field well and can help guide you so that your assets are protected throughout your relationship and into the future.

Relationship property law can be complicated and fraught with emotion. To navigate this field safely and happily, talk to an experienced Foley Hughes lawyer in Auckland. Lawyers can help you set up agreements with your partner, divide property after a separation, create trusts to protect separate property and draw up wills.

Informal agreements won’t hold up if they are challenged – both parties in the relationship need independent legal advice. You need a lawyer to advise you of your rights so you genuinely understand what you are agreeing to, as well as confirming in your relationship property agreements that this advice has been provided. By talking to Foley Hughes’ Auckland lawyers, you protect yourself, your property and your partner – either before, during or after a relationship.

You can get expert advice and reduce your exposure to risk by talking to a Foley Hughes lawyer in Auckland. Lawyers at Foley Hughes have a full understanding of the Property (Relationships) Act and can show you how to successfully protect or divide your assets and avoid a court case.