Safeguarding Your Assets

Trust & Estate Law

Protect your assets for future generations by talking to the lawyers at Foley Hughes about setting up trusts, drafting wills and putting in place estate plans. Call a Foley Hughes lawyer for advice and we can show you how to put your assets into a trust, leave assets to your family and set your estate up so it provides the maximum benefit in the future.

What is a trust? A trust is an entity which can own assets. A trust has a settlor who sets it up; trustees to manage it; and beneficiaries who benefit from it. What is a trust for? A trust protects assets – if your family home is owned debt-free by a trust then your family home as an asset is beyond the reach of personal creditors or claimants. What is a trust going to require? A trust needs organisation and administration – you will need a lawyer for this to run smoothly.

We assist our clients to organise simple and straightforward trusts which will be cost-effective for many years ahead. We can also oversee gifting, making certain that you are not open to sham trust allegations.  Foley Hughes’ experienced team of lawyers can help you set up trusts and wills, and to plan your estate for many years ahead.

Not everybody’s needs are the same and a trust might not be the appropriate structure for you. Our lawyers will review your circumstances and advise whether or not a trust is right for you.